Seat 3

See Notes BELOW re: Nasty Mayor Lisa Gillmor Political Election Impacts - More negative actions are finally and continue to surface about other negative Gillmor Team election manipulations...

DEC 2017 UPDATE: Latest negative spillover of 2016 November election just discovered by the SC Weekly:  go to these sites to see two shameful actions by Debi Davis and Teresa Oneill - many say "Shame on Them."          or:

FPPC # 1387299

San Jose Mercury News Oct.  11, 2016 Endorsement- John "is a good- government advocate steeped in city planning & regional cooperation, areas in which Santa Clara needs work.  He can bridge the divide over the 49ers partnership, but he is not in anyone's pocket!"

John's contact info by e-mail:;   Mail: 307 Los Padres Blvd.  Santa Clara, Ca 95050.   Campaign Contributions stopped Friday October 28 per City rules.  Thanks to all who contributed to my campaign with all types of support. It was greatly appreciated.

2004 Letter of Appreciation to John for his 1996-2004 City Council Service

Congratulations to Debi Davis on her re-election: Wed Nov. 30th "100%" of the votes counted (3 weeks after election ) with FINAL vote total in Seat #3: 

Debi Davis - 21,948  64.24%        John McLemore - 12,217  35.76%  (Of 14 Council Candidates for the 4 Seats I received the 4th Highest Amount of Votes, but that doesn't count because final tallies are by Seat.........)

Friends in Seat #4- Patty Mahan-11,364  32.78%     Markus Bracamonte- 3,924  11.30%
Patty Mahan was elected to her Council Seat.     Now she'll fight the good fight against Lisa Gillmor's terrible Political Theater & her three Council Minions' support antics......

Friends in Seat #6 - Mohammed Nadeem - 6,895   20.00%       Suds Jain - 5,319  15.43%               Anthony Becker - 2,966  8.61%            Mario Bouza - 2,762  8.01%
Friends in Seat #7Kevin Park- 10,617  30.94%            Ahmad Rafah - 4,100  11.93%

Chief of Police-     Mike Sellers - 17,617  50.15%            Pat Nikolai - 17,513  49.85%

On Wed. Nov. 30th I was one of an 18 person Santa Clara team to observed the formal Recount at the County Registrar's Office. It validated Chief Seller's re-election despite Lisa Gillmor's unethical attempts.  Her rants "There is corruption in City Hall" she arrogantly announced in July 2016 were proven false in 2017!!

Here are 3 of 6 mailers of Lisa Gillmor's direct NEGATIVE Lies & innuendoes made during the 2016 City Council Election. NONE OF US she attacked had ANY DIRECT or INDIRECT connections with the 49ers. She directly used 5 "developer friends" (John Vidovich - DeAnza Properties $20,000; Citation Homes $10,000;  Summerhill Homes $10,000; California/ Tri-County Apartment Association $10,000; & Prometheus $15,000"Pay to Play" & Build in SC???) to contribute $65,000 to pay for these racist & negative mailers (White v. Black; "Good" v. "Evil"; Color Pictures v. Black & White Pictures) to be printed & mailed to voters using the SC Police Officers Association PAC. (Who designed these? It wasn't the SC POA!) These 5 large Developers have many projects/properties in SC!  So much for Lisa Gillmor's very hollow "SC's Ethical & Good Government" mantra.