John McLemore City Council 2016 Seat #3

Trusted, Independent, & Proven Community Leadership - Santa Clara's Financial Future Requires Professional Business & Quality Academic Credentials  FPPC # 1387299

John is a Red Cross Disaster Services

Volunteer in Santa Clara County serving

since 2005 on Disaster calls helping

thousands in communities across the nation.  He answered the call helping others in Texas & Louisiana with Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricanes Gustav & Ike in 2008, as well as local Disasters in California & Santa Clara County (2012 through the summer of 2016).  

Pictured here John volunteered at the August 2015 Lower Lake County Fire and is Introduced to a Red Cross Service Dog.  These dogs allow people's stress levels to be diminished with their friendly calm nature even after they've been handled by dozens of strangers.  Most of the "strangers" are the displaced people who've had their homes burnt to the ground, all their belongings lost, and whose lives have been turned "inside out."

Endorsement List (Partial)      ** For Identification Purposes Only

As a speaker on California Emergency Preparedness & Homeland Security Procedures John speaks at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  He was the Chairman of the Santa Clara County Emergency Preparedness Council and was representing the City of Santa Clara & Santa Clara County. 

Illustration of Berryessa BART Station


John knows & will work with City & County Law Enforcement Authorities

Seat #3

John was the first MTC Commissioner/VTA Board Member to openly say due to lack of funding BART should be built in Phases going into Santa Clara County!*  Now BART to Milpitas & Berryessa will be opening in 2017.

* San Jose Mercury May 11, 2004  (Front Page Section B)

     2013 Video                                                      2016 Video

As a City Council Member John worked directly with City Manager Jennifer Sparacino to work with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to grant an additional 3.0 acre easement above the underground Hetch Hetchy pipeline.  That new agreement added three acres of green parkland to the existing Lick Mill Park replacing a brown weed filled area in the middle of a thriving North of Bayshore neighborhood.

Professional Background:

* Retired Vice-President Manufacturing & Operations Business Planning (40 years Industry experience)

* Retired Lieutenant Colonel United States Army Reserves with 26 years of Service - Awarded Army Meritorious Service Medal (1993) for actions during Operation Desert Storm preparations (1990-91)

* Santa Clara City Council Member from 1996 to 2004

* Metropolitan Transportation Commission Vice-Chairman (2005-2007) Commissioner (1999-2007)

* CALTRAIN Board Chairman (2003 & 2004) & Board Member (1999-2007)

* Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Member Board Directors (2000-2007)

* Santa Clara Unified School District - Chairman of the Measure J Bond Oversite Committee (2005-2009)

* Santa Clara County Housing Trust Member Board of Directors (2001-2016)

* American Red Cross Disaster Volunteer - Hurricane Katrina (2005),

Hurricanes Gustav & Ike (2008), and double California fire disasters in

Lake/Napa Counties (August/Sept 2015)

Educational Background

* Masters (1975) & Bachelors (1971) Degrees San Jose State University
* Graduate of California Leadership Academy League of California
Cities -

First Santa Clara Council Member awarded that statewide honor)
* Graduate of the Army Command & General Staff College (1992)

U.S. Congressman Mike Honda

California State Senator Jim Beall

S.C. City Council Member Pat Kolstad

S.C. Mayor Larry Fargher (Former)

S.C. Mayor Bill Gissler (Former)

S.C. Chief of Police Kevin Kyle (Retired)

S.C Chief of Police Steve Lodge (Retired)

S.C. Police Lt. John Bermudes (Retired)

San Jose City Council Member Don Rocha

Sparky Harlan - CEO Bill Wilson House **

David Lang - CFO Bill Wilson House **

As Vice-Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (2005-2007), Chair of the CALTRAIN Joint Powers Board (2002 & 2003), and a member of the VTA (Valley Transportation Authority Board from 2000 to 2007), John has watched major Transit Projects get funded and then postponed due to an ever changing economy.  Due to his decades of business experience he often was able to speak up with an independent voice to impact incorrect economic forecasts & budgetary spending  levels.

2005 Caltrain Resolution of Appreciation for serving as the Chairman of the Joint Powers Board in 2003 & 2004

2005 American Red Cross Certificate of Appreciation - John worked in Texas to support thousands of Louisiana people displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

As a hobby John is an avid nature photographer.  Here are some of his favorite photos:

The Santa Clara City Council & Administration must work in a positive way to ensure our Working Partnerships created through the contracts we've signed enhance the future of Santa Clara, the 49er Stadium, & the Soccer Park. It is so much more important to be positive and "Build Bridges & Not Walls" with all of our Partners throughout the City of Santa Clara.

San Jose Mercury News Oct.  11, 2016 Endorsement - John "is a good- government advocate steeped in city planning & regional cooperation, areas in which Santa Clara needs work.  He can bridge the divide over the 49ers partnership, but he is not in anyone's pocket!

FPPC # 1387299

In 2015 John & other Silicon Valley Housing Trust Board Members were awarded a Resolution by Santa Clara County Supervisors for the many Affordable Housing projects created throughout the Valley.  During this last decade the Housing Trust created and supported over 40 Affordable Housing programs within the City of Santa Clara.

Santa Clara Issues of Major Concern 
* Negative Traffic Impacts are increasing throughout our City
Maintain Balanced City Budgets - The 2016 City Budget forecasts that Reserves will be depleted again in the next few years!!

* Maintaining Quality Parks  within our city must be a priority as the population & housing complexes grow!
* Lack of Affordable Housing
  hurts working people, families, & our children making it impossible for them to live here.

* Crime Increases  can be a concern in our Neighborhoods even though we've achieved the recognition as the 11th safest city in the United States!  (We are safe, but we still caught a thief casing my neighbor's home last year!)